Why Windows?

Bespoke software development is designed to suit your needs. More specifically, a Windows Application is software that runs on your PC or Windows Tablet. This is different from say a web app or mobile app that tend to be browser based. So why would you choose a windows application ?

See the list of advantages for a quick guide !

Application Types

  • Business Automation

  • Database Solutions

  • Workflow Solutions


  • Speed – windows applications are faster

  • Functionality – a dedicated windows application tends to have more functionality than a browser based application

  • Ease of Use – using a mouse is so much easier than your finger !

  • Consistency – Windows is a single platform, so there are no issues with compatibility that you get with the myriad of browsers / mobile devices

Why Axisware?

  • Rapid Prototype

  • Cheaper and Faster than our closest rivals

  • No Compromise on Features

  • Evolving software

More Info

The four main advantages of a dedicate Windows Application are speed, functionality, ease of use and consistency, but what does this mean in reality? Speed is self explanatory, Windows app’s run locally, and are not rendered by a browser, so this gives an instant speed boost. Functionality and ease of use go hand in hand. It is so much easier to control an application using the mouse, it naturally gives you more control. Who likes entering text on a mobile device ? That’s right, nobody. And try creating a report on a web browser! And despite the reputation Windows is a stable and constant platform, and all our software is tested on a variety of Windows platforms from 7 onwards so there are no browser or manufacturer issues that you get with web apps and mobile apps.