Web Portals

A web portal is an effective and safe way to give your users/clients access to data which is specifically targeted at them. For instance, you may hold financial information about your clients in your database, a portal will allow the logged-on user to only see their personal and financial data.

Web portals often provide a particular look and feel for organizations and enterprises, and also provide access control and procedures. They are accessible from multiple platforms like personal computers, smartphones and other electronic devices.

What to expect from a Web Portal

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Portals

There is no doubt that businesses can reap huge benefits from incorporating a web portal into their business. However, with the many advantages, come a few drawbacks as well. Take time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a web portal, so that you can get the most out of the technology.


  • Leverage of existing data
  • No hardware to maintain
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Improved Productivity


  • Internet connection required
  • Inital Setup
  • Data must be in cloud
  • Ongoing costs (subscription)

Web Portal Features

Prominent features of a web portal are data access, personal content, transactions, security, published content and search. It is capable of presenting information based on the user. It can also allow users to voluntarily personalize the information presented in the portal. There are two types of web portals, namely, horizontal web portals and vertical web portals. The former target large communities of users, whereas the latter is more specific to the contents and objects. Web portals are also classified based on their types, such as market space portals, public web portals, enterprise web portals, knowledge portals, etc.

A web portal is capable of handling both structured and unstructured information. For users, it provides ease of navigation, and for enterprises, it provides significant cost savings, improved productivity and a way to establish a long-lasting relationship with users. A web portal can facilitate notification and multi-channel consistency. It enables universal login and provides integration if needed to other applications and systems. It is also capable of integrating and supporting a specific application type like e-commerce support, business intelligence or application service provider application.

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