Project Description

Axisware worked with the Helmsley Group to develop a bespoke syndicated loan management solution to manage and report on their investor and loan data

Axisware worked with a specialist Commercial Property & Asset Management company to develop a custom software application. Using the latest technologies and an innovative approach we delivered a multi-user solution which provides state of the art self-service Business Intelligence and Reporting.

Understanding Issues and defining requirements

Our customer had been using Microsoft Access in combination with a number of spreadsheets to manage their loan and investor data. As the business was growing fast these systems were becoming more and more difficult to maintain.

Using Microsoft SQL and .Net along with our BaseCamp framework we quickly developed an application to consolidate all the customer’s database into a single application.

Data from the existing systems and spreadsheets were automatically imported into the new system and data cleansed to ensure no existing data irregularities were carried forward into the new system.

Dynamic and modular

We designed the system with a modular architecture to enable additional features and functionality to be added at a later stage. The Axisware BaseCamp framework used to create the software allowed for the integration with other systems we had developed for the customer. Our framework also enables the customer to design additional features, change skins even add fields to the database without any technical knowledge.

Dynamic and modular

  • Control – A single repository of data reducing the need for duplicate entries and errors.
  • Powerful – Customisation, custom data fields, built-in report writer, built in dashboard generator.
  • Modular – Add additional features at a later stage and integrate with other systems
  • Accuracy – All calculations for interest, commission, rent and fees calculated by a workflow.
  • Auditing – Complete history and audit trail.
  • Automation – Time-consuming tasks now been fully automated.
  • Easy to Use – Intuitive and easy to use with familiar Microsoft Office Interface, reducing the learning curve.
  • Time-Saving – Create and run reports, export data directly to excel including all formatting.

Audit and traceability

Behind the scenes our audit framework keeps track of changes. Each time the user actions the database the system keeps track of what, when and by whom was changed. Even recording the old and new values.

Powerful reporting and business intelligence

Using the Axisware BaseCamp Framework automatically integrates an extremely powerful yet easy to use report designer. The framework also gives access to the dashboard designer allowing the customer to create custom interactive dashboards with drill down and master filters straight from their data.

We are all using the database and getting used to using all the new features. Our staff are now getting more pro-active with marketing the extra sections you have included, should prove really useful. Our Directors have started analysing the clients in more detail using the reporting and anlysis tools.

Thanks for all you help

Sue Jones (Director), Helmsley Group


All data depicted in these screenshots is fictitious, however, personal data has still been removed for security reasons

Technology used

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Axisware BaseCamp Framework 18.2.3
  • Integration with various third party stakeholders