Project Description

Pindar PLC

Fulfilment Management Solution


The Client required a solution to manage the fulfilment of examination papers to a foreign country. The operation had to be completed with 100% success over a short window of time so the application had to be fast and accurate. Plasma screen dashboards were required to show live data regarding progress.


Our understanding of the confidential materials was already high, and we had already designed software in the past very similar. This made the consultancy process straightforward and we were able to understand the clients exact requirements. The major factor was the application had to be fast and accurate whilst still being easy to use by casual labour where training time was limited and new staff were arriving on a frequent basis. Validation needed to be used to prevent errors as much as possible.


For our design, we had to create custom database connectivity code to maximise the speed at which data base passed between client and server. The same code also prevented duplicate or invalid scans. The design was to utilise barcode scanning for all aspects and this included control codes for when a box was full etc., in order to maximise operator speed. All sorts of tricks were used to prevent the user being able to close the application and careful design meant that each process was refined to limit the possibility of user error. As an example, when packing a box of exam papers, the process could not be stopped midway – only when a box was full. This design ethic, limited as much as possible human error and maximised efficiency and accuracy.


The complexities of this project were a challenge but our experience in business software gave us the edge required to ensure that all exam papers were delivered on time and accurately.

Axisware is an innovative and professional company that has provided Pindar with valuable software development services. We are very happy with our decision to use Axisware, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, Axisware is a great company to work with!”

Chris Brannan, Pindar PLC (Confidentail Print Division)

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