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Document Management System


The Client required a cloud-based software system which would enable users to easily store and access information required to create bids / proposals. The software had to be incredibly simple and easy to use. No training required for the end user!. The software would fundamentally be a storage system which allows users to find information through keywords.


Our first step was to understand exactly the customers requirements. A very detailed specification was supplied by the customer which made the process much easier. We performed detailed analysis and returned our understanding of the project in writing to ensure all the aspects of the project had been understood. We also made some suggestions on how the workflow may be improved to aid the end user in creating and accessing the documents held on the system. The system was written in ASP, with the database, website and document storage utilising the Microsoft Azure platform. File encryption was also incorporated to keep the clients data secure.


Once we had agreed the specification and the client was happy we had a detailed knowledge of their requirements, We began to build the database structure for this we use a database modelling tool built in house. We describe the database in code and our frameworks generate the required databases, indexes and relationships. Building a database this way allow for some great features, it allow us to make rapid changes to the database structure and also deploy the database on any database engine. The Database engine chosen was Microsoft’s Azure SQL servers.



Once the database design had been completed it was time to get down to the Coding. The system was built in ASP using Visual Basic.Net as the underlying language. The client had very specific ideas on the look and feel of the software. The system should have a google search engine feel for general users and a dashboard approach for admins and super users. The system should also segregate data for clients and their users, so we used our security components which have been securing our software for over 10 years. Stage by Stage we built up the software testing and providing builds to the client so they could gauge progress and make any changes as the development proceeded.



Testing is a big part of any software development and to aid in this stage we always use one of our developers who have not been involved in the production of the software to blind test the software. The blind testing is a very important part of our quality control procedures as it gives an insight for our developers on potential issues and user interaction which the developer may not have thought about. Once we where happy that the software was stable we delivered a release candidate. This stage is the final handover stage with all the functionality and user interface as per the final version. The client tested internally for a number of weeks with their own internal jobs before a final production release, which is now in use by Onto The Page and its clients. We continue to develop the application as the client request new features, following the same procedures to ensure continuity of service.

We met Axisware at the Brand Yorkshire Exhibition in Harrogate and very quickly formed a great working relationship. From start to finish the professionalism and friendly approach of the team at Axisware impressed us. We have achieved a great software application for use by our clients within the agreed timescale and on budget. What more can I say?


Emma Jaques, Onto The Page

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