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Legrand PLC
IT Infrastructure


Axisware were approached by Legrand Electric to assist in the replacement of 80% of their existing PC’s in their office and production environments along with their satellite users. With the withdrawal of Microsoft support for Windows XP looming and the age of their existing systems, timing was a key factor. Our brief was quite simply, replace their systems within a relative short period of time, ensure there would be no data loss and keep user disruption down to a minimum.


From the start is was very clear that planning was going to be the key to ensure a smooth successful transition to their new systems.
One of our very first tasks was to ensure a computer image file for each of the new model computers were correctly built to specification and would operate correctly once installed. We would also at the same time begin to gather an average installation time which we would use later when formulating a role out plan.
Due to the amount of laptops in operation we had to carefully work out the best way to backup and restore the vital information in a short period of time, knowing very well laptops would take longer to replace as they would have more data than machines which reside on the corporate network.
An exercise of capacity planning was undertaken for laptop users where they reported back their data sizes and dates they were available for replacement
As Legrand held very accurate information about user location, software versions and licensing information we were able liaise between department heads and Human Resources to formulate a plan of which machines would be replaced and when, along with an estimated time scale where user interruption would be required.


From our plan the procurement of the physical machines were scheduled and delivered direct to the appropriate site.

A work to procedure was formulated which covered the replacement of each machine and included a handover confirmation for the user and data collection of asset information.


Progressively the targeted machines were replaced.

As the machine roll-out continued slight adjustments and improvements to procedures were made to improve efficiencies.

Progression was continually monitored to ensure time scales were met in accordance to the action plan. Asset replacement was notified to the IT support desk to ensure their records were correct when liaising with user’s for remote assistance.

Confidential information was removed from old machines prior to storing securely.

Adjustments had to be made to the provisioning due to “no shows” and absences


All replacements were successfully made within time-scale and budget as per our customer remit.

Axisware always take the time to fully understand our requirements and, more importantly, to translate all the technical jargon into words that we are able to understand.  All the personnel demonstrate excellent technical skills and in this particular piece of work, the Axisware team designed and developed a solution which suited our particular needs perfectly


David Evans, Legrand

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