Project Description

Database Backup Solution


The Client required a solution to allow data to be backed up via a windows application. It would need to backup via a schedule or backup on demand. Any problems would need to be highlighted in a dashboard using a simple traffic light “green” – all good! “Red” – problem!


Our first problem was to figure out what the database system in use was as the software to record the data was bespoke and written by an external IT team unknown to us. We also had to understand exactly the customers requirements. There were a number of problems such as production ran 24 /7 and could never be stopped. Other factors such as network security would mean the companies firewalls would have to allow the traffic, and also allow us to remotely connect for support and test purposes. The application would have to allow for an employee to view the data backed up and easily identify parts for analysis.

Stage 3 – Verification

As we had built in an on demand backup option, we could connect the software and test the facility. Subsequently we could also login remotely and confirm that the scheduled backups were working.

We met Axisware at the Brand Yorkshire Exhibition in Harrogate and very quickly formed a great working relationship. From start to finish the professionalism and friendly approach of the team at Axisware impressed us. We have achieved a great software application for use by our clients within the agreed timescale and on budget. What more can I say?


Emma Jaques, Onto The Page

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