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Escada Systems Inc
Big Data Analysis System


Escada approached us to design and produce a windows based application to analyse the data collected from their control systems. The system would need to be fast! As over 2000 readings per minute from up to 20 different sensors could be collected. It would also need to be simple to use as its main users would be non-technical staff. Escada also required an inbuilt report writer, dash boarding facility and workflow to deliver reports and vital information based on time or event triggers.


As is the case for all our solutions a member of our team was dedicated to the Escada software development project. Many meetings took place both on-site at Escada and also at our offices in Scarborough. The meetings served two purposes, we needed to gain a deep understanding of how Escada worked and what they required for the software, but it also allowed us to form relationships with the client, which we have found to be invaluable on a project.


The planning stage was split into two areas database and GUI (User interface). As Escadas own control system software was Microsoft SQL based the analysis software would also use this platform. The database was designed from the ground up taking great care to keep the field sizes to the bare minimum to conserve space in what would become a very large database on each site it was installed. Indexes and Relationships were optimised to give the maximum performance. On the GUI we needed to display a large amount of data without creating confusion on the users part. We adopted a method of Dashboards and drill down which had worked for us in the past. The overall system was placed into a written specification and sent for approval by Escada.


Once the detailed specification had been signed off, we designed the database and started performance testing. Any performance issues were addressed and the database was signed off. Beyond this point the project was relatively straight forward just a matter of designing screens, adding our security, dash boarding, Reporting and analysis components.


Exhaustive testing was carried out on the application both by ourselves and Escada. We tested the application by writing a test data system to input values at the same rates and speeds as the live system would operate and ran this over a four week period. Whilst Escada asked a few of their customers to Beta test the system. Once the initial bugs had been ironed out we produced a release candidate for Escada who took the software for a larger scale roll out and testing. At this point the project was signed off for payment.


We continue to work very closely with Escada both on a support contract basis and also to implement new features and functionality into the software.
Escada are also one of our largest Symmetry Users they use the system to run their business more effectively and control support contracts, Maintenance, and support issues with their clients.

We had worked with Axisware on our bespoke MIS system, so they were the ideal partner. Their understanding of our requirements was excellent and they even helped us with the specification. The application met our requirements and we are now able to sell this direct to our own customers. Axisware continue to support the application and provide the framework for distribution.
Greg Pearson, Escada Systems Inc.

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