Online Applications & Portals

In today’s connected World, having access to your data all around the World is not only a possibility, it can be a necessity. Axisware can develop a portal to access your data, or even an application that is available 24/7 all around the world an any device.

A web portal is an access point for various kinds of information for both your business and your customer base. Companies have different requirements for web portals, and it’s often necessary to have more than one. For example, a school might have one portal that students can log into to update their learning journal, while the school might host a separate, secured portal for teachers to manage attendance, enroll in online professional development, submit grades, etc.
In the private sector, businesses often create a web portal for their employees as a sort of information server or intranet, perhaps to manage workflow, scheduling, contact information, human resources affairs, document management and even email.


As your portal is either hosted internally or using Microsoft Azure Cloud service, it is totally secure so you can rest assured that your data is safe. All transactions are fully audited so you can check who logged on and for how long.


Anyone who logs on to your portal either internally or your customer base, will see everything branded with your own identity, so your customers will trust your portal and this could mean more business.


An on line portal or application can integrate with your main systems and it not a separate entity, but you can control what is available on the portal or multiple portals. You can even show different data for different levels of login. So a manager could see the entire teams sales and accounts information, whereas a salesman would only see his own data.

Why Choose Axisware?

Axisware offer a complete solution for your online portal development. We have been developing portal solutions for our clients for over 15 years. Our portal experts can advise, design, develop your online portal for a lot less than you might think.